Last Trace, The

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Tracing your ancestors can be fun, as long as they are quite, quite dead.|Tracing your ancestors can be fun, as long as they are quite, quite dead. Stars Elizabeth Mansfield and Peter Dahlsen.|Stars Elizabeth Mansfield and Peter Dahlsen.Tracing your ancestors can be fun as long as they are quite, quite dead.|Sue Rodwell's drama stars Elizabeth Mansfield.|Producer: S.|WILSON|Description|Genealogy, murder and revenge - A black comedy by Sue Rodwell and produced by Sue Wilson.|With Elizabeth MANSFIELD, Peter DAHLSEN, David Bannerman, Jan SHAND, Susie BAXTER and Anny TOBIN.|Subject Categories|comedy programmes (genre)|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|26 Sep 1990 15:02-15:47 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|David Bannerman (Actor)|Elizabeth Mansfield (Actor)|Anny Tobin (Actor)|Peter Dahlsen (Actor)|Jan Shand (Actor)|Susie Baxter (Actor)|Sue Rodwell (Author)|Sue Wilson (Producer)|Recorded on 1990-07-25
Genome: [r4 Bd=19900926] Comedy By: Sue Rodwell.|Producer: Sue Wilson.|Sally: Elizabeth Mansfield|Frank: Peter Dahlsen|Jimmy: David Bannerman|Penny: Jan Shand|Liz: Susie Baxter|Sheila: Anny Tobin