Last Night I Dreamed

Stories celebrating the centenary of Daphne Du Maurier's birth.


AR01Half-sisters *2007051420080907

By Sally Beauman, read by Lucy Briers.

Anna, living and working in Rome, is disturbed by dreams of her childhood and her half-sister Laura, whom she has not seen for two years.

Why should the past wrench her back now?

AR02Daffodil Dell2007051520080914

By Zoe Fairbairns, read by Jenny Coverack.

The small suburban practice has now become a Dental Care Facility and a taxpayer can exercise customer choice in treatment.

But the customer is not always right.

AR03Fugue *2007051620080921

By Michele Roberts, read by Barbara Kellermann.

Marie, broken by sadness, is on her way to the place where she was immensely happy in the past.

What lies ahead?

AR04The Last Mantegna2007051720080928

By Michelene Wandor, read by Elizabeth Mcgovern.

The two people sitting at separate tables in a Los Angeles cafe might be writers, but things are not always what they seem.

His laptop holds an amazing secret, and the notebook she is reading belonged to her grandmother.

AR05 LASTMenabilly2007051820081005

By Justine Picardie, read by Anna Massey.

The beautiful house is hidden from the outside world, cradled by the woodland and the sea.

If she could only sleep again, then she might return there.