The Lake


20060205 (BBC7)
20060206 (BBC7)
20070325 (BBC7)
20101003 (BBC7)
20101004 (BBC7)

Childhood memories draw Ben Wheeler back to a lake, but when a child disappears his obsession provokes suspicion.

Childhood memories draw obsessed Ben Wheeler back to a lake.

Murder mystery starring James Aubrey and Karen Archer.


An evocative sound portrait of Britain's largest lake, Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.

With a shoreline measuring over 70 miles long, this vast stretch of water is more like a sea than a lake.

Recordings made above and below the waves reveal a moody, stormy, wild and even dangerous place where legends of a buried town, a horse god and three sisters emerge from the shallows, while smoke-like plumes and huge flocks of birds rise from the surface as the seasons unfold.