Lady In The Lake, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19880125]by RAYMOND CHANDLER dramatised in three parts by BILL MORRISON with 1: 'I had no reason to go down there, no reason to be interested, but it's my business to look at everything. We stood on the pier. All we saw at first was an arm, moving in the depths of the dark green water.'|Musical research ADRIAN EDWARDS|Directed by JOHN TYDEMAN. Stereo (R)
Genome: [r4 Bd=19880125] Unknown: Raymond Chandler|Unknown: Bill Morrison|Unknown: Adrian Edwards|Directed By: John Tydeman.|Philip Marlowe: Ed Bishop|Derace Kingsley: Don Fellows|Lt Al Degarmo: Harry Towb|Adrienne Fromsett: Margaret Robertson|Chris Lavery: Peter Marinker|Bill Chess: Paul Maxwell|Jim Patton: Ramsay Williams|Birdie Keppel: Nicolette McKenzie
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Raymond Chandler's world-weary private eye Philip Marlowe leaves the smog of LA on the trail of a killer.|Starring Ed Bishop.|A missing spouse.|A corpse in a lake.|A corrupt policeman.|A power hungry Sheriff.|Somehow, all of these things are connected.|A missing spouse, a corpse in a lake, a corrupt policeman and a power hungry sheriff.|Raymond Chandler's world-weary private-eye leaves the smog of LA on the trail of a killer.|Stars Ed Bishop and Toby Robins.