The Lady From The Sea


Programme Catalogue - Details: 01 July 199019900701

Producer: P. KAVANAGH


Henrik IBSEN's drama of Ellida who after a torrid affair with a sailor has settled for marriage to a kind, elderly doctor, but the sailor returns.... With Cheryl CAMPBELL and Michael Gough. Produced by Peter Kavanagh.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

01 Jul 1990 19:30-21:30 (RADIO 3)


James Greene (Actor)

Simon Treves (Actor)

Vincent Brimble (Actor)

Michael Gough (Actor)

Cheryl Campbell (Actor)

Jane Slavin (Actor)

Saskia Reeves (Actor)

Niall Buggy (Actor)

Henrik Ibsen (Author)

Peter Kavanagh (Producer)

Robert Ferguson (tr)

Recorded on 1990-06-01.


A new version of Ibsen's late drama, adapted for radio by Frank McGuinness.

Before her marriage to Dr Wangel, Ellida, his second wife, had promised herself to a sailor who then disappeared.

Years later, Ellida's family life is strained.

Her relations with her step-daughters is poor; she has no child of her own.

She seems unhappy with her life.

Then the sailor reappears to make his claim on her promise.

Faced with the decision of what to do, she persuades her husband that she must have the chance to make her choice

With Lia Williams as Ellida, and also featuring Hugh Bonneville, Katherine Parkinson, Ellie Kendrick, Tim McMullan, Sam Crane, Geoffrey Whitehead and Christopher Obi.

Directed by Hannah Eidinow.

Lia Williams stars in a new version of Ibsen's late sensuous drama.