Lady Behind The Daily Service, The

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2003010220050704An account of the astonishing exchange of letters between a very determined lady from Watford and several of the highest officials in the BBC that led on 2nd January 1928 to the first of 75 years of the Daily Service.
The programme is presented by Judy Merry, who regularly leads the Daily Service, and features many of the original letters from the BBC's archives at Caversham.
Miss Kate Cordeux first wrote to Reith in 1926 asking for a daily Evensong mainly for invalids and hospital patients. There followed a prolonged and exceptional correspondence with the BBC, during which she raised a petition and had an appeal printed in the Radio Times. To the suggestion that existing listeners might begrudge the time, she said sweetly that few if any listeners would begrudge say 20 minutes out of eight and a half hours a day, to bring peace and consolation to the sick, the lonely and the sad. Who could argue?