Ladder Of Years [15md]


01At The Family's Edges20150309

Homely Delia Grinstead has an unexpected romantic encounter in the grocery aisle.

By Anne Tyler dramatised by Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

Episode One - At The Family's Edges

An unexpected romantic encounter in the grocery aisle is the beginning of a new adventure for homely Delia Grinstead.

Director: David Hunter

The story of the Novel

"Delaware State Police announced early today that Cordelia F. Grinstead, 40, wife of a Roland Park physician, has been reported missing while on holiday with her family on Bethany Beach. A slender, small-boned woman with curly fair or light brown hair, Mrs. Grinstead stands 5'2" or possibly 5'5" and weighs either 90 or 110 pounds. Her eyes are blue or gray or perhaps green. "

In fact, Delia has simply walked off down the beach, out of her own life and away from her husband, Sam, and her three almost grown-up children. As long as she can remember, Delia has been patronised, organised and taken for granted. That day something which had already begun to fray quietly snaps. In a nearby town, she buys new clothes and re-invents herself as a serious and independent-minded woman without ties. But living the fantasy that many would love to try does not prove so simple.

An unsettling story about marriage, families and the triumph of hope over experience, this is ideal material for the 15' Drama slot. Following in the wake of her earlier classic tale DINNER AT THE HOMESICK RESTAURANT in the same slot this would again be brought to the listener through the dramatization skills of Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Rebecca is ideal to explore the subtle, unshowy emotional depths of Anne Tyler's writing and to expose the humour and pain bound up in this lucid portrayal of one woman's crisis.

Tyler works her magic through deftly flawed characters, through just the right little details, through perfectly carved and selective dialogue and through small sharply related incidents. Anne Tyler is an exquisite chronicler of the everyday - many would say the modern-day Jane Austen. Her latest, eagerly awaited novel, A SPOOL OF BLUE THREAD, has just been published. Anne Tyler has recently been interviewed for the World Book Programme and prominent articles have been featured in the press.

You can hear Anne Tyler on her novel Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant on World Book Club Sunday 8th March at 20.05.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz

At the recent OSCARS and BAFTA Awards Rebecca's collaboration with Pawel Pawlikowksi, IDA, was successful in winning the best foreign film category.

HER NAKED SKIN by Rebecca Lenkiewicz was the first play to be performed on the Olivier stage by a living female playwright. THE NIGHT SEASON won the Critics Circle Theatre Award for Most Promising Playwright. SARAH AND KEN (Drama on 3) was awarded a special commendation at the 2012 BBC Audio Drama Awards. Other radio work includes CARAVAN OF DESIRE, BLUE MOON OVER POPLAR and DRACULA for the Classic serial.

There is a synergy between Rebecca and Anne Tyler - a common precision of language, an understanding of character, a shared angle on the poetry of language and image and a similar sense of fascination with the quirky and the offbeat.