Kylie Minogue - Line Of Enquiry



We've seen her grow from the girl next door to a glittering pop princess with the world at her finger tips.

As a young actress in Australia, Kylie won our hearts as Charlene in Neighbours before blossoming into the pop diva who we all know and adore.

She's sold over 68 million records worldwide, won numerous prestigious awards and adorned the covers of magazines.

She lives a life that most of us can only dream of.

In the ultimate chat show Kylie Minogue bravely takes on the Radio 2 listeners, a couple of Radio 2 presenters and Kate Thornton who all ask the questions that they've always wanted to know the answers to.

In this close up and personal interview Kylie reveals that despite her pop princess image, she really is just like the rest of us.

At Christmas she dons her marigolds and becomes her mum's little helper and at the end of a busy day the stylish clothes come off and are replaced by tracksuit bottoms and comfy clothing.

- just like the rest of us.

She reveals how close she is to her family and what an important and supportive role they play in her life.

How as a child she was a mean tickle fighter, wrestling Danni to the floor and turning her into a human typewriter, plus how she used to daydream as a child that her next door neighbour's son was a record producer who would spot her talent over the garden fence and pluck her into stardom.

On a more serious note Kylie touches on her fight with breast cancer and how she dealt with issues such a losing her hair; how she copes with the constant intrusive questions about when she will start a family or get married and she talks about her career plans for the future.

Listeners ask Kylie Minogue the questions they have always wanted to know the answers to.