Kurt Weill (1900-1950)


01Dessau And Berlin20091019


Donald Macleod focuses on Weill's move to Berlin, where he collaborated with Brecht.

Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Kurt Weill, focusing on the composer's move to Berlin, where he immersed himself in the artistic community, meeting and working with some of the most influential names of the day, including Bertholt Brecht.

Tango Angele (The Tsar has his photograph taken)...Musik in diesem Augenblick...Schnell fort!

Tsar....Barry McDaniel (baritone)

The False Angele....Marita Napier (soprano)

The False Assistant....Heinz Kruse (tenor)

The False Boy....Hilke Helling (contralto)

The Leader....Mario Brell (tenor)

Koln Radio Orchestra and Choir

Jan Latham-Konig (conductor)

Capriccio 600 007-1 Tr 8

Dur: 3m01s

Concerto for violin and wind orchestra, Op 12 (1st mvt)

Nona Liddell (violin)

The London Sinfonietta

David Atherton (conductor)

DG 423 255-2 Tr 9

Dur: 9m41s

Der Neue Orpheus

Carole Farley (soprano)

Michael Guttman (violin)

Rhinische Philharmonie

Jose Serebrier (conductor)

ASV CD DCA 987 Tr 1

Dur: 18m10s

Das Berliner Requiem - for tenor, baritone, male choir, wind band, guitar, banjo and percussion

Alexandre Laiter (tenor)

Peter Kooy (bass)

Choeur de la Chapelle Royale

Ensemble Musique Oblique

Philippe Herreweghe (director)

Harmonia mundi HMC 901422 Trs 7-12

Dur: 18m14s.

03The Weimar Republic20091021

Donald Macleod explores how Kurt Weill responded to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Kurt Weill, focusing on how the composer responded to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

The Weimar Republic's golden years were good to Weill. But by the early 1930s the landscape had changed dramatically. Unemployment was causing real hardship and he recognised there was a demand for a different kind of musical theatre.

Overture: Der Silbersee

London Sinfonietta

Markus Stenz (conductor)

RCA Red Seal 09026634472 CD1 Tr 1

Dur: 2m50s

Der Silbersee (excerpt from Act 3)

Frau von Luber....Helga Dernesch (soprano)

Baron Laur....Heinz Zednik (tenor)

Red Seal 09026634472 CD2 Tr 11

Dur: 5m09s

Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (excerpt)

Jenny....Lotte Lenya

Mrs Begbick....Gisela Litz

Jimmy Mahoney....Heinz Sauerbaum

Bill....Georg Mund

Jake Schmidt....Fritz Gollnitz

Joe....Sigmund Roth

Speaker....Richard Munch

Orchestra of North German Radio

Max Thurn (conductor)

CBS Masterworks M2K 77341 Trs 5, 6, 7 and 8

Dur: 6m48s

Seven Deadly Sins (ballet)

Brigitte Fassbaender (mezzo-soprano)

Karl-Heinz Brandt, Hans Sojer (tenor)

Hidenori Komatsu (baritone)

Ivan Urbas (bass)

Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR

Cord Garben (conductor)

Harmonia mundi HMC 901420 Tr 1-9

Dur: 33m44s.

04France *20091022

Donald Macleod explores the life and work of Kurt Weill, focusing on how his voluntary exile from Germany affected his music.

Just two days after Hitler took office Kurt Weill packed a suitcase and moved to Paris.

He had turned his back on Germany by choice and he would never return.

His musical development would now be determined by a completely different set of rules.

Complainte de la Seine

Brigitte Fassbaender (mezzo-soprano)

Cord Garben (piano)

Harmonia Mundi HMC 901420 Tr 10

Dur: 3m11s

Die Burgschaft (excerpt from Act 1)

Anna Mattes....Margaret Thompson

Luise Mattes....Ann Panagulias

Johann Mattes....Frederick Burchinal

Alto solo....Katherine Ciesinski

David Orth....Dale Travis

The Westminster Choir

Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra

Julius Rudel (conductor)

Tracks 8, 9 and 10

Dur: 15m54s

The Threepenny Opera (excerpt from Act 2)

Macheath....Rene Kollo


RIAS Berlin Sinfonietta

John Mauceri (conductor)

Decca 430 075-2 DH Trs 15, 16, 17

Dur: 10m44s

Cantata for radio - Der Lindberghflug (excerpt)

Voices: Herbert Feckler, Lorenz Minth, Christophe Scheeben

Pro Musica Koln

Koln Radio Symphony Orchestra

Jan Latham-Konig (conductor)

Capriccio 60 012-1 Trs 8 and 9

Vom Tod im Walde, Op 23

Cantata for bass and 10 wind instruments

Peter Kooy (bass)

Ensemble Musique Oblique

Philippe Herreweghe (director)

HMC 901422 Tr 1

Dur: 7m49s

September Song (Knickerbocker Glory)

Ute Lemper

Jurgen Knieper (piano)

Milan CD CH341 Tr 17

Dur: 4m00s.

Donald Macleod explores how Weill's voluntary exile from Germany affected his music.


05 LASTAmerica *20091023

Donald Macleod concludes his exploration of the life and work of Kurt Weill, focusing on how he established himself as a successful Broadway composer.

Although Weill was a respected composer of musical theatre in Europe, his reputation wasn't widely known in the United States. It didn't deter him from moving there and he was able to win audiences over and enjoy success on Broadway.

One Life to Live (Lady in the Dark)

Ute Lemper

RIAS Sinfonietta Berlin

John Mauceri (conductor)

Decca 436 4172 Tr 12

Dur: 3m05s

Symphony No 2 (1934) - 1st, 2nd mvts

Berlin Philharmonic

Mariss Jansons (conductor)

EMI CDC 5565732 Trs 1-2

Dur: 9m24s

I'm a stranger here myself (One touch of Venus)

Rias Chamber Ensemble

Decca 425 204-2 Tr 13

Dur: 3m00s

Street Scene (excerpt from Act 1)

Rose Maurrant....Janis Kelly

Harry Easter....Simon Masterton-Smith

Dick McGann....Philip Day

Mae Jones....Catherine Zeta Jones

Dur: 10m44s

Orchestra of English National Opera

Carl Davis (conductor)

That's Entertainment CDTER 21185 CD1 Trs 22, 23, 24, 28

Speak Low

Kurt Weill (vocal and piano)

Naxos 8120831 Tr 13

Dur: 2m04s

Oh Captain! My Captain!; Four Walt Whitman Songs

Wolfgang Holzmair (baritone)

Robert Schumann Chamber Orchestra

Wind instruments of Dusseldorf Symphony

Marc-Andreas Schlingensiepen (conductor)

Koch CD 314050 H1 Trs 10-12

Thousands of Miles and Train to Johannesburg (Lost in the Stars)

Stephen Kumalo....Arthur Woodley

Concert Chorale of New York

Orchestra of St Luke's

Julius Rudel (conductor)

Music Masters 01612-67100-2 Trs 2, 3

Dur: 6m54s

Suburaya Johnny (Happy End)

Lotte Lenya

Roger Bean (conductor)

CBS MK 42658 Tr 20

Donald Macleod explores how Weill established himself as a successful Broadway composer.