Kurd's-eye View

Four talks in which Kurdish journalist Hazhir Teimourian reflects on his 39 years' living in Britain.


0101Omar Khayyam And I1998080119980805

What could a Persian freethinker and mathematician of the 11th century possibly have in common with a 20th-century Kurdish boy sent from Iran to England to further his education?

0102Henry Ii And I1998080819980812

In which Hazhir suffers a nervous breakdown in his adoptive country and is advised by a Persian doctor to eat fresh fruit and move to Reading.

0103William Shakespeare And I1998081519980819

In which Hazhir steers a course towards earning a living as a wordsmith, beginning with his very first English utterance and graduating to a job on the Times.

0104 LASTIsaiah Berlin And I1998082219980826

Could it be that Hazhir's liking for A J Ayer and Bertrand Russell has its roots in the orchards surrounding the town where he spent his childhood, in which farmer-philosophers would sit and talk late into the night?