Koran And Country


Biography Of A Bomber20051117

What turns a British-born Muslim into a suicide bomber? Nasreen Suleaman talks to those who knew Mohammad Sidique Khan, the eldest of the July 7 bombers.

He tries to unravel the mystery of what turned this well integrated, popular and intelligent young man into a terrorist.

How Islam Got Political2005111020051113

The growth of political Islam is one of the most important ideological events of the past century.

In this special Analysis documentary, Frank Gardner, the BBC's Security Correspondent, traces its rise in Britain and its roots around the world - from the Islamist movements of colonial India, to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

He talks to those who have been inspired by Islamist ideology to find out what these different groups believe, and why so many British Muslims are attracted by their ideas.

Inside A Muslim School20051124

Jenny Cuffe gains exclusive access to Al-Islah girls' school in Blackburn, a privately run Muslim institution currently teaching nearly 200 students.

It is situated above a mosque near Blackburn town centre.

The school was founded in 1995 in response to demands from parents who were worried about the effect the state system might have on their children, and who favoured a strict Islamic ethos.

Jenny meets teachers, students and some of their parents - and finds out how Islam affects the curriculum, questioning whether these students are receiving a broad enough education.

Radio Ramadan2005111820051208

For British Muslims, an increasingly important part of Ramadan is the ability to tune in to local religious radio stations.

These stations are given a temporary licence to broadcast 24 hours a day during the holy month.

This year there were 36 'Radio Ramadans' around the country - a far cry from when the first service appeared in Bradford in the early 1990s.

Mark Whitaker meets the men and women who staffed stations in Bradford, Rochdale and Edinburgh during October, and reports on what Britain's Muslim communities have been talking and arguing about.