Kitty Wilkinson


20120505 (BBC7)
20120506 (BBC7)

One woman combats squalor and institutional indifference in 19th century Liverpool.

As cholera strikes 19th century Liverpool, one woman combats squalor and institutional indifference. Stars Maureen O'Brien.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930614]

David Pownall 's play, which was nominated for Best Play in the 1992 Sony Awards, is set in Liverpool at the time of the cholera epidemic. It examines the life and work of the woman who was hailed as a "saint".

Songs by Maddy Prior

Director Martin Jenkins

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930614]

Unknown: David Pownall

Songs By: Maddy Prior

Director: Martin Jenkins

Kitty: Maureen O'Brien

Tom, her husband: Keith Drinkel

John, her son: Peter Gunn

Mam: Kate Binchy

Dr O'Lera: Robert Glenister

Dr Faraday: John Rowe

Helen Faraday: Helena Breck

Anne: Melanie Hudson

Hannah: Melanie Hudson

Dierdre: Veronica Quilligan

Mary: Veronica Quilligan

Kathleen: Siubban Reid

j essy: Joanna Wake