Kitchen Connections With Ainsley

Ainsley Harriott meets people who have recently made a home for themselves in the UK and brought with them their culinary traditions.



He meets Saba Gebregiorgis, originally from Eritrea, who shows him how to cook chicken derho and talks about her early years and her new life in the United Kingdom.


Mathias and Semieu from Togo make the traditional maize meal porridge akume, served with fried fish, and talk to Ainsley about their home country and new life in Ipswich.


He meets Bedrije, who came to Britain from wartorn Pristina in Kosovo in 1998. She prepares the traditional Albanian Pite, a beef and onion pie, and talks to him about her home country and her new life in East London.


He meets Raju and Seema, who came to Britain from Bhutan. They show Ainsley how to cook pork curry with radishes and red rice and talk about their new life in Yorkshire.

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He meets Fazil, an Iraqi Kurd who fled the country in 2001. He shows Ainsley how to cook a Kurdish feast.