King David

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20130224by Katie Hims|Dave has a pretty good life: his company is thriving, he's got a lovely wife, a big house, kids at private schools. But then he gets a bit careless and things start to go wrong.|David King - Lee Ross|Jules - Claire Rushbrook|Alice - Lizzy Watts|Lee - Ben Crowe|Lola....Madeleine Power|Val - Susan Jameson|Priest - Robert Blythe|Policeman - Will Howard|Ray - Nicholas Murchie|Neela - Hannah Wood|directed by Mary Peate|Katie Hims is well-known to Radio Four listeners for her many original dramas and adaptations on that network. Most recently she dramatised some of the MARTIN BECK novels (with more to come); and she won an Audio Drama Award in 2012 for her play Lost Property - A Visit From The Queen, to name but two of her many successes. This is Katie's first Drama On 3.