Killing, A [ad]



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A story about the excitement of making money in industrial quantities - a gladiatorial world in which only the fittest survive.

Ewen, Meredith, Tim and Harry are four, sassy, thirty-something traders who, tired of making money for others, combine to launch an aggressive new Hedge Fund.

Hopes are high for the group's philosophy is to play it straight, with minimal risk, and to remain realistic in ambition.

But impatience and a sense that others are stealing a march on them encourages two of the four, Ewen and Meredith, to break ranks and take a very big and very stupid risk.

They quickly make a massive and very noticeable profit - a fact not lost on the Regulator, nor on Tim and Harry, the other partners who are aggrieved that the entire enterprise has been compromised by their greed and arrogance.

But Ewen's obsession with Meredith, and her determination to succeed, have upset some very major players in the City. They may ride out this particular storm but there is more trouble ahead. And as an indicator of just how bad things might get, Ewen gets himself arrested.

In 'A Killing' by Mike Walker

Ewen was played by James MacPherson

Tim was Benedict Wong

Meredith - Laurel Lefkow

Harry - Nicholas Boulton

Carmody - Richard Howard

Angela - Jill Cardo

Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan.