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30 June 1990
SBH:Germaine GREER talks about her latest book 'Daddy We Hardly Knew You'. Refs. to family background, 'The Female Eunuch', Australians in Britain, 'Neighbours'. Interviewer: Ken Bruce. From The Ken Bruce Show
PRE:Greer: Books don't change people's lives - they change their own. 'Female Eunuch' stated woman's right to own sexuality. Doesn't think she's a feminist leader. War devided her family. Father had an easy war in World War II. Was in Intelligence Service - now realises why he was defensive. She rejected him, not vice versa. 9'45"" in - Used false name to marry her mother, so feels her name is an alias. Attitude of Australians in U.K. She has houses in Essex & Italy. Australians gambol with their country - like Rupert Murdoch & Alan Bond. No-one watches 'Neighbours' on Australian TV! TXN/TDT:R2 30-Jun-1990
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30 Jun 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 2)
Ken Bruce (int)
Germaine Greer (Speaker)
Notes: CAIRS 201066.

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  • 19900630