Keeping The Faith

Series in which people of different religions look at the English Reformation through the experience of their ancestors.



Edward Stourton, descended from a long line of Catholic barons, visits the ancestral home in Wiltshire with historians Eamon Duffy and Michael Questier. He discovers how, when England's religion changed, his family refused to abandon their Catholic faith despite persecution.


Historian Jane Ridley, a descendant of Protestant martyr Nicholas Ridley, visits key locations in his life to find out how he helped write the Book of Common Prayer and was prepared to die for his beliefs.

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John Stewart, also known as Lord Doune, is the descendent of James Stewart, Regent of Scotland and the half-brother of Mary, Queen of Scots.

With historians Jane Dawson and Jenny Wormald, he traces the story of the reformation in Scotland through his extraordinary ancestor, who embraced the teachings of John Knox and plotted to remove Mary from the throne.