Katie-ann's Blog



Written by Colin Bytheway.

Katie-Ann is 11 and dying of leukaemia. But she is the bravest of souls. She journals her pain, her hopes and dreams online in her blog. She talks of the treatments she endures, the daily indignities, but always remains positive.

Vic is 79 and also has leukaemia, but unlike Katie-Ann no-one cares about him. He is old. He and his illness are not picturesque and he rails at life and impending death alone.

Aspiring, ambitious writer Rob grows interested in the popularity of Katie-Ann's Blog. He is determined to find her and bring her story to a wider audience. Maybe even broker a book deal and enhance his own career. But instead of Katie-Ann, Rob meets Vic and it is a meeting that changes both their lives.


Vic....Roy Hudd

Rob....Carl Prekopp

Katie-Ann....Ella Dale

Lisa....Jaimi Barbakoff

Sandra....Jenny Funnell

Director: Celia De Wolff

A Pier Production For BBC Radio 4.