Kulvinder Ghir and Shobu Kapoor star in Samina Baig's powerful new drama. When a shocking discovery is made outside a rural village in northern Rajasthan, an elderly couple are forced into the spotlight, confronted with a moral dilemma that is shaped by deeply embedded attitudes and customs.

Karma emerged from Samina Baig's long held interest in the position of women in India. The seed was sewn for this compelling and heartfelt drama when in 2012 the shocking rape of a 23 year old student on a bus in New Delhi provoked worldwide outrage and led women to take to India's streets to demand social and political change and the right to live in safety.

Samina Baig is an established writer with a track record in television and radio drama. Her radio plays include, Tall Stories, Husud (Jealousy) and Migrant Memory.