Just Juliette

Comedy by Julie Balloo and Jenny Eclair about a about a flamboyant, failed talk show host of a certain age juggling motherhood, marriage and the media.

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Comedy by Julie Balloo and Jenny Eclair about a about a flamboyant, failed talk show host of a certain age juggling motherhood, marriage and the media.The reviews for Juliette's first programme are less than favourable.|It seems the day can only get worse.|Juliette is devastated when a TV critic slates her show, but she gets her own back.
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Ron causes a stir and talk show host Juliette is on the verge of a media breakdown.|Juliette feels the need to raise her profile and Ron needs a break from his job.|Ron announces a change of direction in his professional life, but Corinne becomes convinced that he is being unfaithful.|Juliette feels the need to raise her profile.|Ron needs a break from his job.|But is there another reason for Ron quitting?
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How can Juliette get more publicity than her TV rival Belinda Courier?|Juliette decides on a more effective way to raise her professional profile - a nervous breakdown followed by a stay at one of the most exclusive therapy clinics in the country.|Meanwhile, Corinne is having boyfriend trouble.
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Talk show host Juliette Johnson battles to win a daytime TV award.|Stars Jenny Eclair and Debra Stephenson.|From August 1999.|How can Juliette spice up her show, which faces the axe? Why is her husband deserting her?|Juliette is haunted by the faux pas that ended her primetime television career.|Against all the odds, her show is nominated for an award, but is history destined to repeat itself?
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Juliette is out of work and desperate.|so she uses her new-found spare time to try to become the perfect wife and mother, with the aid of a `Stepford wife' neighbour.
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Failed talk show host Juliette Johnson decides to become the perfect wife and mother.|The failed TV star is horrified when her Dad wants to bring his new girlfriend round.|Juliette's autobiography needs her dad's input - but who's his new lady friend? Peter Sallis and Sylvia Syms guest star.|Juliette is horrified to discover that her widower father has a girlfriend, and even more distressed when they come to stay and want to sleep in the same room.|With Jenny Eclair, James Fleet, Annabel Giles, Peter Sallis and Sylvia Syms.
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The failed TV talk show host goes on radio from a bedsit, while Corinne gets a dog.|Juliette is broody, Corinne has a dog, Ron is a kerb crawler...apparently.|Juliette rises from the ashes of unemployment to front a woman-only radio station from a bedsit, while Corinne gives up men and turns to dogs.
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The failed talk show host hits trouble at the shopping channel, and Ron needs advice.|Stars Jenny Eclair.|From December 2000.|It's Juliette's wedding anniversary and Ron is looking for advice on a present.|Juliette finds a natural home for her talents on the shopping channel, whilst Ron discovers how life could have been different with his thoughtful, sensitive old flame.
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|The cash-strapped ex-TV host looks for work, but has hubby Ron beaten her to it? Stars Jenny Eclair.|From December 2000.|The cash-strapped ex-TV host looks for work, but has hubby Ron beaten her to it?|Juliette and Ron have big money problems, so they jump at the chance to stand in as presenters of a mid-morning chat show.|Short of cash, desperate ex-TV presenter Juliette tries to find work.|But has husband Ron beaten her to it?
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When the ex-TV host's festive plans fall apart, she bumps into a celebrity angel.|Stars Jenny Eclair.|From December 2000.|It's Christmas and Juliette has plans for her friends.|Unfortunately they have other plans.|Written by and starring Jenny Éclair.|When plans for Christmas Day fall apart, Juliette wishes she had never been born.|But when an angel, in the form of Dale Winton, shows her how things would have been without her, will she change her mind? With Jenny Eclair, James Fleet, Annabel Giles, Peter Sallis and Jon Culshaw.|It's Christmas.|Juliette has plans for her friends, but they have other arrangements.|Written by and starring Jenny Eclair.