Joe's War - My Father Decoded

Annette Kobak reads from her moving account of a daughter's quest to understand her father and, through his life, the Czech and Polish experience of the Second World War.


01The Silent Slav20041115

"It didn't occur to me to ask my father as I grew up, why he had nothing from his past before the war, no pictures of himself when young, no family photographs, no mementos of any kind.

He was a man without a past, and I failed to notice.".

02The Dream Dissolves20041116

Hardship during the Depression drives the Kobak family across the border from Czechoslovakia into Poland.

Then war breaks out, and Joe runs east to escape the Germans, only to meet the Russian army coming the other way.

03Journey Into Silence20041117

When a warrant is put out for his arrest, nineteen year old Joe has to run for his life.

04Poles Apart20041118

The story of what happened to Joe's two homelands, during and after the war, begin to yield the clues to his silence.

05 LASTAftershocks20041119

The last piece of the jigsaw falls into place when Joe reveals that he was a spy.