Joe's Last Day



Joe's Last Day Crane operator Joe Fenton has spent the happiest days of his working life perched in his metal and glass box high above the ground.

Now he's facing retirement from the job that has defined everything he values in life and in himself.

Confronted with losing his grand perspective and omnipotent seat at the controls of his crane, and facing the messy, chaotic everyday world at ground level, Joe makes a drastic decision.

He climbs out onto the jib of the crane.

If he's going, he's going one way; and he's not using the ladder.

Will his work mates, his boss or even his wife, who all in turn climb up to reason with him, succeed in talking him down? Is it possible for any of us to give up old perspectives, and make new sense of the world, and our place in it? Cast: Sam Kelly (Joe), Rachel Davies, Nicholas Gleaves, Tony Marshall, Kenny Blyth and Sushil Chudasama.