Joan Armatrading's Favourite Guitarists

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Joan Armatrading talks to leading guitarists about their music and guitar technique.


01Mark Knopfler *20090727

Joan talks to Mark Knopfler, lead guitarist of Dire Straits. Knopfler is considered by many to be the most respected intricate 'fingerstyle' guitarist of the modern rock era. He brings his old Gibson and National steel guitar to the studio.

02Bonnie Raitt *20090728

Joan talks to American blues singer and songwriter Bonnie Raitt, one of the few women to achieve fame as a blues guitarist. Joan hears how the young Bonnie dropped out of Harvard and hung out with the greatest bluesmen, learning slide guitar and techniques that have sustained her long and varied career.

03John Williams *20090729

Joan meets classical guitarist John Williams.

Regarded as the one of the finest classical guitarists of his generation, Williams has explored many different musical traditions including Spanish and jazz guitar.

He plays Joan different music across from the centuries to illustrate the differences between classical and other forms of guitar music.

04Russell Lissack *20090730

Joan meets Russell Lissack, lead guitarist of indie-rock band Bloc Party and her youngest guitar favourite. Using his ever-expanding array of electronic effects, Russell is able to make his guitar sound like nothing else on earth. Be it spiky power chords, immersive walls of sound or the whoosh of an aeroplane taking off, he shows how far modern technology has influenced guitar playing in the wake of the psychedelic experiments of the 1960s.

05Bert Jansch

05 LASTBert Jansch *20090731

Joan meets Bert Jansch, widely acknowledged as one of the most influential musicians of all time. Since the mid-1960s, every generation has been held spellbound by his extraordinary fingerpicking and stringbending techniques. He continues to be revered as the master guitarist of folk music.