Jerry Wexler - Soul Man

A three-part profile of the record producer and Atlantic Records executive Jerry Wexler, presented by John Peel.


01Blues And Rhythm1999072120110802 (6M)
20100810 (6M)

In this programme, Jerry recalls working at Billboard, joining Atlantic and producing and promoting the label's R & B acts.

02Soul Stew1999072820100811 (6M)
20110803 (6M)

In this programme, Jerry Wexler recalls the new, more sophisticated soul sound introduced by the records of Stax in Memphis and Fame in Muscle Shoals, the discovery of new stars like Wilson Pickett, Percy Sledge, Clarence Carter and Sam & Dave, and the arrival of Aretha Franklin

03 LASTRespect1999080420061108 (6M)
20100812 (6M)
20110804 (6M)

In this programme Jerry Wexler recalls how the matchless records of Aretha Franklin were made, and his championing of white artists Duane Allman, Delaney and Bonnie, Doug Sahm, Dr John and Willie Nelson


John Peel celebrates the life of the producer/Atlantic executive.