Jeopardising Justice

Helena Kennedy QC examines the ways in which the best intentions in legal reform can sometimes produce unexpected and unpalatable consequences.



01The Rise Of The Victims' Movement. *20090831

Helena began her career championing the victim's voice, but is now worried it has gained such strength that it is beginning to threaten the rights of defendants.



Helena unravels the recent history of attacks on judicial independence. In the 1970s and 80s, Helena and a generation of liberal lawyers attacked the judiciary for being too right wing and out of touch. Now right-wing politicians have taken up their language and attack the judiciary for being too liberal and out of touch.



Helena looks at the development of alternative systems of justice that bypass the courts.

Restraining orders to protect the victims of domestic violence, once championed by liberal lawyers like Helena, have in recent years been broadened in scope and application by politicians, with possibly troubling results.

Helena Kennedy QC looks at alternative systems of justice that bypass the courts.


04 LAST*20090921

Helena examines the rise of litigation and so-called compensation culture in the UK. It has resulted partly as a consequence of the campaigns for greater access and accountability pioneered by those very liberal lawyers who are now the compensation culture's sternest legal critics.