Jazz On 3 - Tribute To Derek Bailey

Jez Nelson presents a tribute to British improv guitarist Derek Bailey convened by saxophonist John Zorn and recorded at London's Barbican Centre. Musicians include drummer Milford Graves, electric bassist Bill Laswell, trombonist George Lewis and Zorn himself, together with the two other members of Bailey's seminal improvising outfit Joseph Holbrooke; Gavin Bryars (double bass) and Tony Oxley (drums).
Jazz On 3 signature tune
Artist Russell Gunn
Title Seventy Four Miles Away
Label Atlantic
LP Title Ethnomusicology Volume 1
Extract from a tribute to Derek Bailey, originally broadcast on Jazz On 3 on January 20 th 2006
Includes interviews with Gavin Bryars, Tony Oxley, Alex Ward and Evan Parker
Artist Joseph Holbrooke
Title Miles Mode
Composer John Coltrane
Label Incus
LP Title In rehearsal 1965
Artist Music Improvisation Company
Title Pointing
Composer Jamie Muir, Hugh Davies, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey
Label Incus
LP Title 1968-71
Artist Derek Bailey, Evan Parker
Title Part 2A
Composer Derek Bailey, Evan Parker
Label PSI
LP Title The London Concert
Artist Derek Bailey
Title Tap 2c
Composer Derek Bailey
Label Corti
LP Title Incus Taps
Artist Paul Rogers, Alexander Balanescu, Buckethead
Title PR / AB / BK
Composer Paul Rogers, Alexander Balanescu, Buckethead
Label Incus
LP Title Company 91
Artist Derek Bailey / DJ Ninj
Title PIE (amatosis mix)
Composer Derek Bailey
Label Avant
LP Title Guitar, Drums n Bass
Artist Mirakle
Title Present
Composer Derek Bailey, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Calvin Weston
Label Tzadik
LP Title Mirakle
Artist Derek Bailey, Amy Denio, Dennis Palmer
Title Let The Little Sunbeam In
Composer Derek Bailey, Albert E. Brumley
Label SRR
LP Title The Gospel Record
Artist Derek Bailey
Title Please don't talk about me when I'm gone
Composer Sidney Clare, Sam H. Stept, Bee Palmer
Label Tzadik
LP Title Ballads
John Zorn's tribute to Derek Bailey, recorded live at the Barbican in London on 17 th June 2006
John Zorn - saxophone
George Lewis - trombone
Bill Laswell - bass guitar
Milford Graves - double bass
Tony Oxley - drums and percussion
Milford Graves - drums, percussion and vocals
Mike Patton - vocals
Artists John Zorn, Tony Oxley, Gavin Bryars, George Lewis
Title Improvisation 1
Artists John Zorn, Milford Graves, Bill Laswell
Title Improvisation 2
Artist Tony Oxley
Title The Advocate
Artists Milford Graves, Tony Oxley, John Zorn, Gavin Bryars, Bill Laswell, George Lewis, Mike Patton
Title Improvisation 3