Jason Cook's School Of Hard Knocks


02Asking Out And First Dates2014022720140306 (BBC7)

Jason Cook divulges his tips for asking someone out and successful first dates.

Field marshal of mirth and high priest of Hebburn, Jason Cook dispenses advice on how best to navigate the choppy waters of life and come out the other side without feeling woozy, using the full spectrum of his own experiences as his educational aids.

Calling on regular guests Zoe Harrison and Neil Grainger to help him illustrate his lectures, he looks at how to successfully ask someone out and the traps to be avoided when going on a first date - using his trademarked "Place, Face, Case" methodology, also using stories from the audience to throw more light on the matter in hand.

Producer: Sam Michell.

03Dumping And Proposals2014030620140313 (BBC7)

Jason Cook gives tips on the terrible task of dumping to the happy ask of proposing.

Leading a successful life is terribly tricky and no-one is more painful aware of that than Jason Cook himself who has encountered more than his fair share of failure in his time.

So who better then to dispense advice on how best to successfully negotiate the sticky social situations the fickle finger of fate flicks out, than a man who, like a modern day Job, has already suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

This time he looks at the two-sides of the romance coin: dumping someone and proposing to someone, with regular guests Zoe Harrison and Neil Grainger on hand to help him bring his lessons to life. And with contributions from the studio audience too, there's plenty of advice on offer so you don't make the same mistakes as they have. Or at least take comfort in the knowledge that you're not alone.

Producer: Sam Michell.

04Job Interviews And Office Politics2014031320140320 (BBC7)

Jason distributes tips and tricks for job interviews and probes office politics.

Saddling up with his regular guests Zoe Harrison and Neil Grainger, to police the prairie of the public's problems, Jason Cook uses the lessons learnt from his bitter experiences to help sweeten the lives of listeners.

This time he holds forth on the best ways to pass a job interview and how to wend one's way through the perilous pastures of office politics.

Producer: Sam Michell.

05Funerals And Sex Education2014032020140327 (BBC7)

Jason Cook examines the best way to behave at funerals and the subtleties of sex education

Jason Cook helps make life more lovely for listeners, with the help of regular guests Zoe Harrison and Neil Grainger to illustrate his life lessons.

This time Jason looks at the peculiar pressures of fitting in at funerals as well as how to tackle the tricky task of explaining the bird n' the bees.

Producer: Sam Michell.

06 LASTPregnancy And In-laws2014032720140403 (BBC7)

Jason Cook doles out life lessons focusing on how to cope with pregnancy and the in-laws.

The Emperor of Entertainment and Archduke of Geordie, Jason Cook is joined by his regular guests, Zoe Harrison and Neil Grainger, to guide the audience through the murky waters and unseen eddies that bedevil the waters of life.

This time he looks at the trials and tribulations of finding out your partner is pregnant, and the perils and preoccupations that go into meeting your in-laws for the first time.

Using his own experiences to illustrate what, and importantly what not, to do in these situations, Jason will teach you everything he knows about surviving them, so that your life can be happier and more successful. Well, possibly.

Producer: Sam Michell.