James Bond Short Stories

Band Of Brothers star Damian Lewis reads four specially selected Bond stories by Ian Fleming.


01The Living Daylights - 1 *2006111720081003

The KGB plans to assassinate a British agent carrying information across the Berlin border.

Bond's mission is to kill his would-be killer.

02The Living Daylights - 2 *2006112420081017

Bond is holed up in a tower block in Berlin, awaiting his target.

A distraction in female form could jeopardise the job.

03From A View To A Kill - 1 *2006120120081024

Following the murder of a Royal Corps dispatch rider from SHAPE Intelligence Division, Bond helps his colleagues in Paris investigate.

04From A View To A Kill - 22006120820081031

Bond discovers a hidden enemy spy unit and puts himself directly in the firing line to catch the killer.

05The Property Of A Lady - 12006121520081205

When an MI6 employee puts up a Faberge jewel for sale, M sends Bond to investigate.

06The Property Of A Lady - 2 *2006122220081212
07For Your Eyes Only - 1 *2006122920081219
08 LASTFor Your Eyes Only - 2 *2007010520090109

Bond is in Canada on a personal mission for M.

An unexpected visitor creeps up on him.