The Jail Diaries Of Sir Ralph Stanza

Albie Sachs, Nelson Mandela, Jeffrey Archer... the literary penal tradition is an honourable one, now reaching its pinnacle with Sir Ralph Stanza, the poet dedicated to bringing culture to the masses, and gently explain it to them.


0101Prison Bard20040818

In this first instalment of audio diaries from his recent stint as poet-in-residence at a maximum security prison, the lucky inmate who is his first workshopee receives Stanza's usual poetic tips, covering such subjects a street culture, spelling and jokes about poets' names.

  • conor....james scales
  • dean....neil bell
  • gary....neil bell
  • gina....joan kempson
  • jermaine....chris jack
  • joe....chris jack
  • josh....theo ant smith
  • kerrie....lorraine cheshire
  • kev....theo ant smith
  • mc....theo ant smith
  • mick....theo ant smith
  • officer marple....chris jack
  • officer....james scales
  • officer....joan kempson
  • officer....lorraine cheshire
  • prisoner....neil bell
  • produced in manchester by graham frost
  • robbo....jack deam
  • robo....jack deam
  • sir ralph stanza....james quinn
  • additional cast.... james scales, neil bell, chris jack, joan kempson
  • produced by.... graham frost
  • written by.... james quinn

  • 0102Doing Rhyme20040825

    It's an Irish prisoner this week, Conor, who's the lucky inmate in Sir Ralph's one-to-one sessions as poet-in-residence at Longmore Grange maximum security jail. Consequently the distinguished poet is extra specially keen to be 'sensitive', making sure to encourage the young man to write about 'the troubles', before he returns to his hotel room to toast his success with a can of 'the Guinness'.

    0103Horny On The Inside20040901

    This week's workshoppee is suffering badly from missing his spouse, so Sir Ralph makes sure to get him to write poetry in which he fantasises about her being unfaithful to him while he's stuck inside - guaranteed to be a therapeutic experience.

    0104Jermaine Man20040908

    This week's workshoppee is young black prisoner Jermaine, so Sir Ralph provides a masterclass in rap, street culture and how to be cool.

    0105Beating The Rap20040915
    0106 LASTFinal Stretch20040922

    Sir Ralph's stint as prison poet-in-residence reaches its climax with an Eminem-style battle on the mics between him and prisoner Jermaine.

    Ralph isn't sure his 'posse' has enough 'cred'.