It's Saturday



The speaker gives a lighthearted account of the writing and publishing of an imaginary novel. Inserts read by Gillian Hush (SNF) and George House.


Belper constituents interviewed on their opinion of their Member of Parliament - George Brown. Interviewer: Alan Kassell. Item introduced by programme compare James Hogg. From a programme in the above series.

PRE:Opinions vary from ""bombastic"", ""lacks breeding"" and ""hasn't proper control of himself"" to ""not a bad chap"", ""genuine"" and ""not stuck up at all".


Sixth-form girls of the Merchant Taylor School in Liverpool interviewed on their attitude towards love and marriage (Bd.2), and Philip and Tricia Morris, two Hull University students who had expressed a wish to be allowed to live together, interviewed on the University's action in forcing them to marry.


A 22-yr. old American student (NF) who has refused to fight in Vietnam interviewed on reasons for his refusal and consequences he may have to face if he returns to U.S. Interviewer: Mary Griffiths.