It Couldn't Happen Here

In three programmes, Sue Armstrong reveals just how vulnerable we are to new and re-emerging diseases.


01West Nile Story20000711

The story of a dramatic outbreak of a mystery disease in New York City last summer shows how a virus, never seen before in the Americas, can emerge in today's global village. Readers: Paul Birchard and Nora Elwell-Sutton.

02The Next Pandemic20000718

Scientists are increasingly concerned that a global outbreak of a killer influenza virus is overdue. Sue Armstrong discovers why the threat is so great and what we are doing to prevent a pandemic like the influenza crisis of 1918. Reader: Paul Birchard

03 LASTThe Interfering Ape20000725

Changes in ecology and climate enable new pathogens to emerge and diseases we thought we had conquered to re-emerge. As the planet shrinks, we need to take measures to protect ourselves.