Isadora And Craig

The passionate story of the relationship between the dancer Isadora Duncan and the actor Edward Gordon Craig, son of Ellen Terry, told through their letters and diary extracts.


01A Blossoming Romance20041108

Edward Gordon Craig first sees Isadora Duncan dance in BERLIN in 1904.

He is swept away by the beauty of her performance, and a passionate affair quickly develops.

  • compiled by Derek Bowskill
  • gordon craig....lorcan cranitch
  • isadora duncan....molly ringwald
  • mary desti....barbara barnes

  • 02Working Together And Living Apart20041109

    Isadora and Craig have much in common; the same reverence for beauty, the same love and dedication each to their own art; but these very similarities begin to cause conflict and cracks soon begin to develop in their relationship.

    Isadora Duncan....Molly Ringwald

    Gordon Craig....Lorcan Cranitch

    Mary Desti....Barbara Barnes

    03Nature Versus Art20041110

    Isadora discovers she is pregnant with Craig's child and is delighted.

    However, relations remain strained between the couple, Isadora spending most of her PREGNANCY alone in a cottage by the sea as Craig becomes increasingly cold and distant, obsessed with his work, dallying with other women and frustrated by his financial reliance on Isadora.

    04Tragedy Strikes20041111

    Isadora and Craig separate, each unable to sacrifice their art for the other.

    However, they seem unable to completely let go of the passion between them and remain in contact.

    When a terrible and unexpected tragedy strikes, Isadora and Craig find great comfort in their love.

    05 LASTThe End Of The Affair20041112

    Fifteen years after first meeting, following numerous separations, betrayals, reconciliations and tragedies, the passion between Isadora and Craig is still tangible.

    Isadora, however, is becoming an increasingly tragic figure and Craig remains haunted by their past.