Isaac Julien's Guide To Artists Filmmaking



We hear from leading artists working with the moving image - Christian Marclay whose celebrated 24 hour film Clock, is a play on time.

Tacita Dean, committed to the traditional medium of film, describes her roots in pictorial image making and her love of celluloid.

Gillian Wearing discusses her ambivalence to narrative and acting in her new cinema film Self Made.

We capture the spirit of artist filmmaking at a screening of films on the platform of Hackney Downs station, where the context of the screen is important to the films shown.

We also hear how Isaac, originally a cinema film director now shows in gallery spaces, working to break down the barriers that exist between different artistic disciplines - film, dance, photography, music, theatre, painting and sculpture, trying to unite these into something he calls a visual narrative.

We discuss the role of the Film Council, BBC and the BFI in working with artists to produce innovative films in Britain.

We chart the rise of artists working in film, moving out of the shadow and the constraints imposed cinema film making.

Producer: Kate Bland

A Just Radio production for BBC Radio 4.

Artist filmmaker, Isaac Julien charts the rise of artists working in the shadow of cinema.