An exploration of five very different emotional experiences.


0101Forbidden Love1999061420000703

Jan kept her love affair with Catholic priest Sean a close secret.

But when she discovered she was pregnant, everything changed.

0102Always Something There To Remind Me1999061520000704

Three women reveal how they dealt with the clothes, photographs, and effects of their dead loved ones.

0103Surviving Infidelity1999061620000705

Judith and Brian discuss why they were unfaithful to each other and how their marriage survived infidelity.

0104What They Don't Tell You About Fatherhood1999061720000706

New fathers talk about coming to terms with the `new arrival'.

0105 LASTSixteen Going On Seventy1999061820000707

Mary was in her fifties when her husband walked out.

Over the last 20 years, she has reinvented herself.

Now in her seventies, she loves life and men.

0201Jill And Horace20001106

When Jill discovered that her father, Horace, was going senile, she felt like she was losing her dad.

Ten years on, Horace now lives with her, and although their roles are reversed, their tenderness for each other remains undiminished.


When Christine Witcutt saw news footage of the war in Sarajevo, she decided that something had to be done.

She and her husband, Alan, decided to take aid to Bosnia, but while driving through `Sniper's Alley' in Sarajevo, Christine was shot and killed.

Alan tells their story.

0203A Family In Two Locations20001108

Christopher is a gay man who has fathered a child with his lesbian friend Jill.

The boy lives with his mother, and Christopher is a part-time dad.

Now they are trying to conceive a second child, one who will live with Christopher full-time.

0204Searching For Grandparents20001109

Greg Buxton's grandparents were RUSSIAn Jews who drowned while trying to escape to Palestine in 1941.

Greg, who has just returned from diving to find the wreck of their ship, tells the story of his attempt to trace and mourn the grandparents he never knew.

0205 LASTTaking Care20001110

When Win's husband was diagnosed with early dementia, she felt that, as his carer, she could no longer have sex with him.

In this programme, that loss of intimacy caused by terminal illness is discussed with sensitivity by some of the people affected.