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20100501 (WS)

For twelve years, Jake Adelstein worked as a crime reporter on Japan's biggest-selling newspaper.

His patch was Tokyo's seedy red light district, and amongst other stories, he investigated the big bosses of Japan's crime gangs, the Yakuza.

This got him into trouble, he received death threats and he and his family fled Japan and now live in exile in the United States.

He talks to Carrie Gracie about his life then, and the regrets he still has from that time.

Jake Adelstein, who was a crime reporter on Tokyo's biggest selling newspaper.

American hero Greg Mortenson has built over 140 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Greg Mortenson has spent nearly twenty years building schools for girls in some of the most remote parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It's been a risky business - during that time he's received two fatwas, been under CIA investigation and was kidnapped by the Taliban, but so far Greg has managed to build over 140 schools.

He talks to Owen Bennett-jones about what motivates him, and the logistical and financial difficulties he's had to overcome to provide girls with education in some of the most forgotten places on earth.

Former Taliban spokesman Abdul Salam Zaeef talks about Afghanistan today.

Owen Bennett Jones talks to Deputy prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Arthur Mutambara.

Lyse Doucet talks to a man who was once one of the Taliban's most prominent public figures.

Abdul Salam Zaeef was the Taliban's ambassador to Pakistan at the time of the attacks of 11 September 2001.

Back then he gave daily press conferences to the world.

He was then later taken to the American detention centre at Guantanamo Bay for about four years and now he's living in Kabul under Afghan government protection.

So what does he think of the Taliban today? Find out as he talks to Lyse Doucet in The Interview.

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