The Interpreter


01* Out Of The Fold20060220

Nina works as a freelance interpreter, translating Farsi, Urdu, Bangla and French.

Today her friend Irfan wants her to find a Persian word for gay because he is ready to face his family on his own terms.

Nina is not so brave - she is an Asian Muslim living with a Black man and she's not ready to tell anyone about it.

02* A Good Woman20060221

Nina the interpreter interviews Shalini from Bangladesh, who has been caught shoplifting a tin of shoe polish.

Nina discovers that the woman is a lonely widow who has spent her entire life giving and now she is determined to take something back, anything.

03* Gilded Lambs20060222

Nina has a regular translation job for an export business.

She has only ever had a professional relationship with the owners until today, when she is asked to translate a personal letter and discovers a long-buried secret.

04* Null And Void20060223

Nina's personal life is crumbling around her, but today she meets someone whose situation is much more desperate.

The client is Susan from Cameroon, a woman who has been exposed as a benefit cheat.

Susan is on the edge but Nina's job is to translate without getting involved.

05 LAST* An Honourable Man20060224

Nina is called to be the interpreter to Mazher from Pakistan.

He is very ill but does not appear to understand the serious nature of his condition.

Her job is to help him to listen, but instead she gets him to talk about his life, his love and his sacrifice.