Intends To Take Action



When Belfast man Hugh Quinn is notified by the police that there is a threat against his life and that a paramilitary organisation 'intends to take action' against him he is forced to uproot his wife Kate and young daughters Emily and Hannah and move them out of the city in order to try and ensure their safety.

As the family try to come to terms with their new life away from everyone and everything that is familiar they struggle to fit into their new community and to comply with the safety advice given by the police. Looking over their shoulder at every turn, stress, fear, and suspicion threaten to tear the family apart while Kate struggles to understand what exactly Hugh was involved with that would endanger his life.

What is it that Hugh isn't telling his wife and how can he possibly begin to cope with such a threat hanging over him? Unsure of who to trust as his paranoia escalates Hugh's world soon begins to spiral out of control.

Written by Jimmie Potter and Eoin McNamee

Producer/Director Heather Larmour.

Notified by the police of a threat against his life, a Belfast man must uproot his family.