Inspirations Of Visual Art

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ESSAY01Something Unseen20121008Painter Alison Watt explores the inspirations behind her artwork, in an essay recorded in front of an audience at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh. This is the first in a five-part series about artistic insprations delivered by artists based in Scotland working in a variety of media. Later in the series Andrew Millar, Kevin Harman, Ruth Ewan, and Claire Barclay all talk about their work.|Alison Watt was born in Greenock in 1965 and studied at Glasgow School of Art. Her exquisitely painted canvases suggest swathes of fabric edging towards the abstract whilst retaining a strange, almost sensual quality suggestive of a human presence or absence. From 2006 to 2008, Watt was the Associate Artist at The National Gallery in London. Her work is held in many prestigious public collections including Uffizi Gallery, Florence, The National Portrait Gallery, London, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the British Council.
ESSAY02Andrew Miller20121009Glasgow artist Andrew Miller talks about the inspiration that guides his work, recorded in front of an audience at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh. The second in a series in which Scottish-based artists describe what lies behind their art.|Andrew Miller is a Glasgow based artist working across a variety of media - drawing, sculpture, photography and site-specific installations. He works with the worn and the discarded, and in salvaging, reassembling and re-presenting familiar objects he attempts to ask questions about the way things are placed, valued and used. He was commissioned to create this year's Edinburgh Art Festival Pavillion.
ESSAY03Never Do I Work Alone20121010Artist Ruth Ewan, a creator of sound installations, explores the inspirations for her art in an essay recorded in front of an audience at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh.|Ruth Ewan was born in Scotland, and now lives and works in London. Her work takes many forms including performance, installation and printed work. Ewan's work encourages elements of performance and participation - in the past she has worked with historians, traditional craftsmen, musicians and school children.|The third in a five-part series about artists and the inspiration behind their work.
ESSAY04An Empty Space Between Two Objects20121011A series in which five artists talk about the influences on their work. In this essay, Claire Barclay, creator of complex art installations, discusses the inspirations behind her art in a talk delivered to an audience at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh.|Claire Barclay is a Scottish artist known for large-scale installations consisting of collections of sculptural objects brought together into precisely plotted relationships. Combining a wide range of hand-made and machine-finished processes, and using commonplace materials in unconventional ways.
ESSAY05 LASTBefore I Begin20121012Final essay in a series where Scots artists discuss the inspirations behind their art. Sculptor Kevin Harman explains how the extraordinary in everyday life inspires him.|Kevin Harman was born in Edinburgh He works across media, often using the very objects in which he finds his inspiration, as the principle component of his artworks. One of his ongoing projects is the creation of sculpture installations using materials discarded in builders' skips. In Harman's latest commission, 24/7 articles he purchased in twenty four hours spent in a local supermarket were used, over three weeks in his exhibition space, to create a variety of works to be auctioned in an "everything must go sale"? at the end of the show.