Terry Johnson's play is set in New York in 1953.

A beautiful film star, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, a baseball player and an infamous senator meet for an extraordinary confrontation in a hotel room.

The Professor....Allan Corduner

The Senator....John Guerassio

The Actress....Megan Dodds

The Ballplayer....Damian Lewis

Director Roxana Silbert.


Terry Johnson's thought-provoking play about the meaning of celebrity in America and the perils atomic warfare, made into a film in 1985 by Nicholas Roeg.

An actress, a baseball player, a professor and a senator (bearing striking similarities to Marilyn Monroe, Joe Di Maggio, Albert Einstein and Joseph McCarthy) are gradually drawn to the professor's NEW YORK City hotel room in 1954.

The academic and the actress talk about the limits of their fame and are joined the next morning by the other members of the quartet, who have pressing questions for them.

With FRANCEs Barber, Alun Armstrong, Tom Mannion and Colin Stinton.

Director Hilary Norrish.