Infinite Spaces

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Programme Catalogue - Details: Young Playwrights' Festival 199119911022Producer: P.|KAVANAGH|Description|In Adisakdh TANTIMEDH's new play, Charles Ashen, a ground-breaking post-modernist architect, is in the grip of a terminal disease.|The Ashen Plaza in Los Angeles is his final mischievous statement: rooms take on their occupant's personality, changing shape and style and exploding when vacated.|But as journalist Molly McGlan discovers, there's more to the buiding than just surprises.|>Entry produced from RT.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|22 Oct 1991 20:55-21:45 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|William Hope (Actor)|Samantha Bond (Actor)|Colin Mcfarlane (Actor)|Irene Sutcliffe (Actor)|Charles Gray (Actor)|Emma Chambers (Actor)|Adisakdi Tantimedh (Author)|Peter Kavanagh (Producer)|Recorded on 1991-08-02.