The Indian Particle Man



Dr Sharon-Ann Holgate tells the story of Professor Satyendra Nath Bose, a remarkable INDIAn physicist, nationalist and champion of science whose name is now synonymous with that of Einstein and after whom the Boson particle has been named.

Bose was physics genius and renaissance man of INDIAn culture and politics, as well as a multi-linguist who championed the use the Bengali, rather than English, for scientific discussions.

He was an accomplished player of the esraj instrument and was a friend and influence to the INDIAn poet Tagore.

He worked with Marie Curie in her laboratory in PARIS whilst being spied upon by MI5 - due to his vehement opposition to British rule in INDIA.

Dr Holgate asks why his name has been forgotten outside science, given the importance of his work and influence.

Bose is played by Saeed Jaffrey