Incredibly Guilty



A Comic Moral Fable

by Marcy Kahan

Ed Hanson didn't mean to put Penhaligon Rhinehart into a coma;

after all he's a National Treasure.

Now Ed's life is about to change forever.

Ed Hanson - Stephen Mangan

Lucinda - Naomi Frederick

Penhaligon Rhinehart - Sean Baker

Marion Spooner - Joanna Monro

Sanjay Patel - Adeel Akhtar

Bella McFadden - Naomi Sheldon

Rhett Rhinehart - Lloyd Thomas

Nick - Iain Batchelor

Kitty - Deeviya Meir

Ed's Mother - Christine Kavanagh

Directed by Sally Avens

It's an important day for Ed Hanson; he has to do two things, present a 'vision statement' to keep hold of his job and propose marriage to his girlfriend, Lucinda.

What isn't on Ed's list of things to do is put Penhaligon Rhinehart, author, barrister, circus clown and National Treasure into a coma.

Ed's life will never be quite the same again.

Stephen Mangan is one of our leading comic actors from playing roles such as 'Adrian Mole' on television and Norman in 'The Norman Conquests' on Stage and most recently Dirk Gently on BBC4

Marcy Kahan is an award winning screen and stage dramatist.

Stephen Mangan stars in Marcy Kahan's comedy about the killing of a National Treasure.