The Incredible Adventures Of Professor Branestawm


01The Time Machine20011217

Professor Branestawm voyages through time and space, with predictably chaotic results.

Where, or when, will his new contraption take him?

01The Wild Waste Paper20100913 (BBC7)
20110314 (BBC7)

The eccentric boffin causes havoc when one of his potions is spilt.

Dinsdale Landen reads Norman Hunter's story.


The professor finds he has been burgled.

But his ingenuity is more than equal to the problem, as almost everyone but the burglar discovers.

02The Professor Studies Spring Cleaning20100914 (BBC7)
20110315 (BBC7)

The eccentric boffin's cleaning machine causes more harm than good.

Read by Dinsdale Landen.

03Colonel Branestawm And Professor Dedshot20100915 (BBC7)
20110316 (BBC7)

Confusion all round when the eccentric boffin and his pal go to a fancy dress ball.

Dinsdale Landen reads Norman Hunter's story.


No one can satisfy Colonel Dedshott's insatiable appetite for pancakes, until the professor invents a pancake-making machine.

04Everlasting Clocks20011220

The professor's clock keeps winding down, so he invents an everlasting clock.

But when it strikes 13, he realises something is wrong.

04Too Many Professors20100916 (BBC7)
20110317 (BBC7)

The boffin gives photocopying a whole new meaning with his latest invention.

Dinsdale Landen reads Norman Hunter's story.

05One Prof Too Many20011221

The professor takes a holiday by the sea and discovers he has a twin, who is performing a comedy act at the end of the pier.

05 LASTPancake Day At Great Pagwell20100917 (BBC7)
20110318 (BBC7)

The boffin takes a battering and leaves a lasting impression on the village.

Dinsdale Landen reads Norman Hunter's story.