In These Arms


01The Curious Life Of Lady Grace Mildmay19991120

In the first of four programmes challenging our ideas about families of the past, Sarah Dunant explores the life of a 17th-century gentlewoman through her memoirs.

1: `The Curious Life of Lady Grace Mildmay'.

She entertained King James I and married one of Queen Elizabeth's key diplomats.

Professor Linda Pollack and Anthony Wells Cole visit Mildmay's magnificent house to find out about her curious family life.

02An Imprudent Romance19991127

Four programmes challenging our set ideas about families of the past.

2: `An Imprudent Romance'.

Biographer Amanda Vickery talks to Sarah Dunant about the candid diaries of an 18th-century woman - Elizabeth Shackleton - who struggled to maintain her family's place in polite society - and succeeded in doing so - despite having a violent, drunken husband.

03Bedside Manners19991204

Four programmes challenging our set ideas about families of the past.

3: `Bedside Manners'.

Sarah Dunant explores the life of John Heaton, a doctor in mid-19th-century Leeds, dipping into his diaries with with Dr John Tosh and Dorothy Payne.

His diaries reflect on the death of his beloved daughter in childbirth, the `new woman' his sister has become, and the failure of his sons to live up to his ideal of manhood.

04 LASTThe Goldsteins Of Boreham Street19991211

The last of four programmes about the family in history.

`The Goldsteins of Boreham Street'.

Sarah Dunant examines prewar Spitalfields through the eyes of the Goldstein family.

Esther is courting under the stern supervision of sister Debbie, Ronnie runs away to seek adventure, and Gertie becomes a young Communist.

Father, meanwhile, toils to keep his 11 children and two Irish mAIDS.

With historians Sally Alexander and Jerry White.