In Country Churches


197D01Romsey Abbey, Hampshire19971222

In the first of five programmes this week, Adrian Jack visits one of ENGLAND's great Norman churches, with a foundation dating back to 907.

Guest organist Stephen Farr plays music appropriate to the organ, which was built by J W Walker in 1858.

197D02St James's, Great Packington, Warwickshire19971223

In the second of five programmes, Adrian Jack visits one of ENGLAND's most unusual churches, built to celebrate the restoration to health of George III.

Guest organist Martin Souter plays the instrument which was designed to Handel's specifications.

197D03St Mary's, Finedon, Northamptonshire19971224

In the third of five programmes, Adrian Jack visits a mid-14th-century church with a remarkable library of very rare books.

Guest organist Martin Baker plays music from the organ's own 300-year history.

197D04St Mary And St Thomas Of Canterbury, Wymondham, Norfolk19971225

In the fourth of five programmes, Adrian Jack visits one of the great sights of East Anglia, with its contrasted towers, one built by the PARIShioners, the other, a spectacularly ruined octagon, built by the monks.

Guest organist Robert Woolley plays the three-manual organ whose complex history mirrors that of the building.

197D05St Michael's, Framlingham, Suffolk19971226

To conclude the series, Adrian Jack visits an East Anglian church containing some remarkable early-Renaissance monuments to the family of the Duke of Norfolk.

Guest organist Margaret Phillips plays the instrument which came to Framlingham from Pembroke College, Cambridge, in 1708.