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BBC controller of entertainment Paul Jackson chats to comedy writers and performers about their lives and work.

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0101Caroline Aherne1999100720000801

Caroline Aherne.

0102Tim Brooke-taylor And Graeme Garden1999101420000808
20030714 (BBC7)
20040109 (BBC7)
20040402 (BBC7)
20040403 (BBC7)
20040711 (BBC7)
20040712 (BBC7)
20060129 (BBC7)
20060130 (BBC7)

Conversation that spans 5 decades of comedy, from the Cambridge Footlights, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, through to Clue.

Tim Brooke-taylor and Graeme Garden reflect on their careers, Footlights, The Goodies and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

0103Ben Elton1999102120000815
20030721 (BBC7)
20040718 (BBC7)
20040719 (BBC7)
20060205 (BBC7)
20060206 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson chats to Ben Elton, the one time angry man of comedy and talks about his life and work.

0104Penelope Keith * * *1999102820000822
20040123 (BBC7)
20040725 (BBC7)
20040726 (BBC7)
20060212 (BBC7)
20060213 (BBC7)

Former BBC Controller of Entertainment, Paul Jackson, talks to actress Penelope Keith about her life and work.

0105Adrian Edmondson * * *1999110420000822
20030728 (BBC7)
20040130 (BBC7)
20040131 (BBC7)
20040801 (BBC7)
20040802 (BBC7)
20060219 (BBC7)
20060220 (BBC7)

Adrian Edmondson talks about being set ablaze by a TV and surviving idiots who still think he's Vivian from The Young Ones.

0106 LASTRonnie Corbett1999111120000829
0201Jack Dee2000040620000905
20030804 (BBC7)
20040206 (BBC7)
20040808 (BBC7)
20040809 (BBC7)
20060226 (BBC7)
20060227 (BBC7)

Former Controller of BBC Entertainment Paul Jackson interviews Jack Dee about his life and work.

0202Dave Allen2000041320000912
0203Richard Curtis2000042020000919
20030811 (BBC7)
20040213 (BBC7)
20040214 (BBC7)
20040815 (BBC7)
20040816 (BBC7)
20060305 (BBC7)
20060306 (BBC7)

A rare appearance in front of the microphone for the writer of Blackadder and Four Weddings and a Funeral, Richard Curtis.

0204Meera Syal2000042720000926
20030818 (BBC7)
20040220 (BBC7)
20040221 (BBC7)
20040822 (BBC7)
20040823 (BBC7)
20060312 (BBC7)
20060313 (BBC7)

Goodness Gracious Me! The comedy star, actress and novelist, Meera Syal, talks about her career.

0205Barry Cryer2000050420001003
20030825 (BBC7)
20040227 (BBC7)
20040228 (BBC7)
20040829 (BBC7)
20040830 (BBC7)
20060319 (BBC7)
20060320 (BBC7)

Recorded on 1999-03-25

Barry Cryer - the man who's written for so many comedians that the list is like a who's who of British and American comedy.

0206Dale Winton2000051120000919

Dale Winton

0207Phill Jupitus2000051820000926
20030901 (BBC7)
20040305 (BBC7)
20040306 (BBC7)
20040905 (BBC7)
20040906 (BBC7)
20060326 (BBC7)
20060327 (BBC7)

Phill Jupitus, the big bloke from BBC TV's Never Mind the Buzzcocks, talks about his type of comedy, music and being a big bloke.

0208 LASTSandi Toksvig2000052520000926
20030908 (BBC7)
20040312 (BBC7)
20040313 (BBC7)
20040912 (BBC7)
20040913 (BBC7)
20060402 (BBC7)
20060403 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson chats to Sandi Toksvig about her life and work.

0301Steve Coogan2001030820010809
20030915 (BBC7)
20040319 (BBC7)
20040320 (BBC7)
20040919 (BBC7)
20040920 (BBC7)
20060409 (BBC7)
20060410 (BBC7)

The comedian responsible for the monstrous creation that is Alan Partridge talks about his life, work and Pringle sweaters.

A rare interview with Steve Coogan, creator of, among others, Alan Partridge and Paul and Pauline Calf.

0302Des O'connor2001031520010726

Former BBC head of light entertainment Paul Jackson chats to comedy writers and performers about their lives and work.

Here he talks to Des O'Connor.

0303Ruby Wax2001032220010802
20030922 (BBC7)
20040326 (BBC7)
20040327 (BBC7)
20040926 (BBC7)
20040927 (BBC7)
20060416 (BBC7)
20060417 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson talks to Ruby about her life and work, including Girls on Top and Girl Talk.

Ruby Wax tells him what it was like interviewing Imelda Marcos, and reveals the facts behind the 'banana incident' with OJ Simpson.

0304Galton And Simpson *2001032920010816
20030929 (BBC7)
20040409 (BBC7)
20040410 (BBC7)
20041031 (BBC7)
20041101 (BBC7)
20051022 (BBC7)
20051023 (BBC7)
20060423 (BBC7)
20060424 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson chats to the kings of classic sitcoms, writing duo Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Former BBC head of light entertainment Paul Jackson chats to comedy writers and performers about their lives and work.

Galton and Simpson, the creators of `Steptoe and Son', tell of their experiences writing for Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd and explain how they met as a result of tuberculosis.

The creators of Steptoe and Son tell of their experiences writing for Hancock, Frankie Howerd, and how they met as a result of TB.

0305Mel And Sue2001040520010823
20031006 (BBC7)
20040416 (BBC7)
20040417 (BBC7)
20041003 (BBC7)
20041004 (BBC7)
20060430 (BBC7)
20060501 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson interviews comedy double act Mel and Sue about their rise to celebrity status.

Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins expound on the virtues of daytime TV, talk about writing for French and Saunders and explain that performing in the Cambridge Footlights is not necessarily the path to fame and fortune it once was.

0306 LASTNick Hancock2001041220010823
20031013 (BBC7)
20040423 (BBC7)
20040424 (BBC7)
20041010 (BBC7)
20041011 (BBC7)
20060507 (BBC7)
20060508 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson chats to Nick Hancock about his rise to fame on radio and TV.

Host of They Think It's All Over talks about his 26 failed pilot programmes and the current love of his life, his daughter.

0401The League Of Gentlemen2002030720031020 (BBC7)
20041017 (BBC7)
20041018 (BBC7)
20050526 (BBC7)
20050527 (BBC7)
20060514 (BBC7)
20060515 (BBC7)

The 'local people' tell Paul Jackson of their debt to The Wicker Man and Alan Bennett.

From March 2002.

The League of Gentlemen.

The 'local people' reveal how Jeremy Dyson's early artwork was the inspiration for Damien Hirst.

0402Victoria Wood2002031420031027 (BBC7)
20041024 (BBC7)
20041025 (BBC7)
20060521 (BBC7)
20060522 (BBC7)

Victoria Wood, the lass from Lancashire, talks about childhood, lucky showbiz breaks and laughter.

0403Paul Whitehouse20020321

Former BBC head of light entertainment Paul Jackson chats to comedy writers and performers about their lives and work.

3: Paul Whitehouse

0404Eamonn Holmes20020328

Former BBC head of light entertainment Paul Jackson chats to Eamonn Holmes, Britain's longest-serving breakfast television presenter.

0405Armando Iannucci2002040420031103 (BBC7)
20041107 (BBC7)
20041108 (BBC7)
20060528 (BBC7)
20060529 (BBC7)
20061126 (BBC7)
20061127 (BBC7)

Paul Jackson chats to Armando Iannucci, the man behind shows such as On the Hour, The Day Today and Alan Partridge

0406 LASTRoy Hudd20020411

Former BBC head of light entertainment Paul Jackson chats to comedy writers and performers about their lives and work.

This week's guest is Roy Hudd

0501Bruce Forsyth20030619

The first show in the series features showbusiness legend Bruce Forsyth.

He will be talking about his long career in the limelight, from a childhood television appearance in 1938 to his continuing love of live performance.

Bruce recalls that his skill at audience participation caused him a few problems in the beginning.

The first time he tried it on stage, it went so well that there was only enough time for a ten minute second half.

He also reveals that he taught Lionel Blair to dance, although that was, 'Nothing to be proud of', apparently.

Bruce recalls the joy of working with Sammy Davis Jr, and consoles himself when considering his hero Fred Astaire, quipping, 'I never met him, but then again he never met me.'.

0502Ricky Gervais20030626

He's a winner of multiple awards for his multiple talents; he's a writer, an actor, a director, a stand-up comedian, a DJ, and a former pop star.

And if that isn't enough, he was recently named the most powerful man in comedy.

Tonight Paul Jackson interviews Ricky Gervais

0503Michael Parkinson20030703

He has interviewed the greatest figures of the 20th century, from Alfred Hitchcock to Muhammed Ali.

Tonight the roles are reversed.

Former BBC head of light entertainment, Paul Jackson, sits in the interviewer's chair, in conversation with Michael Parkinson

0504Rob Brydon20030710

He's a chameleon and a man of many voices, winning critical acclaim for his roles in Marion And Geoff and Human Remains.

Tonight Paul Jackson interviews Rob Brydon

0505Jenny Eclair20030717

She was the first woman to win the Perrier Award, gracing stage, television, radio and the bookshelves of Britain.

Paul Jackson interviews Jenny Eclair

0506 LASTGraham Norton20030724

Comedian, actor and hugely popular chat-show host, Paul Jackson interviews Graham Norton