Imperial Gardens


200A01The Roman Gardens At Fishbourne Palace, England20000326

Garden historian Caroline Holmes takes a three-part look at how former empires have transplanted their garden designs to the countries they ruled.

1: `The Roman Gardens at Fishbourne Palace, England'.

The Romans introduced the concept of pleasure gardens to Britain, bringing new plants and new ways of using the land.


Garden historian Caroline Holmes continues her three-part tour of famous gardens built by former empires.

2: The Moorish Gardens of the Alhambra, Spain.

The Islamic rulers of medieval Spain introduced sensuous gardens which were imbued with great spiritual significance.

Their intricate designs were far ahead of the rest of Europe.

Wafting fragrances, water features and patios are just some of the ideas we have inherited from them.

200A03Little England, The Garden City Of Sri Lanka20000409

Garden historian Caroline Holmes concludes her tour of famous gardens built by former empires.

3: `Little England, the Garden City of Sri Lanka'.

Samuel Baker, a Victorian Englishman, established a colonial settlement at Nuwara Eliya in the highlands of Ceylon and filled it with English crops and flowers.

His remarkable legacy is enthusiastically continued by Sri Lankans 150 years on.