Idrissa Camara



A portrait of dancer and choreographer Idrissa Camara.

From west Africa to south Wales: Idrissa Camara cuts a distinctive figure as he walks his young child to her Welsh-speaking school in suburban Cardiff. Originally from Guinea, Idrissa moved to the city four years ago and now lists Welsh next to Susu, Malinke and Wolof among his languages.

Idrissa is a virtuoso dancer and choreographer and since arriving in Wales has been working to establish his own dance company, Ballet Nimba. He recently received a bursary to travel back to his native Guinea in order to formally study and document the evolution of dance, music and storytelling there, research which will feed into the next Ballet Nimba production.

In this programme, we'll follow the progress of this new work interwoven with snapshots from Idrissa's life in Cardiff and his life in Guinea, and the tension between the two.

Producer: Martin Williams.