Icons Revisited

Johnnie Walker hosts a special season of programmes featuring some of Radio 2's finest music profiles.


01Buddy Holly20080329

To start the season, a documentary celebrating Buddy Holly's life, career and enduring legacy, presented by Steve Harley.

Analysis of Buddy's rapid rise to stardom and musical influence from the 1960s through to today is provided by an array of contributors, including his early musical partners, archive recordings of his parents, and fellow musicians Paul Mccartney, Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin and Tommy Roe.

01Cliff Richard20080429

Cilla Black tells the story of Cliff Richard, now in his 50th year in the music business. Cilla takes another look at the man often known as 'the Peter Pan of pop'; the eternal 'Bachelor Boy' and the most popular British recording artist in history.

Cliff explains why he's a match for the media; he reveals the one ambition that he's still desperate to achieve, and he revisits his debut hit, Move It.

0220th Century Boy - The Marc Bolan Story2008050620070900

A profile of the artist who helped to define glam rock in the 70s and whose influence is still being felt today in film, on TV and in the charts. Paul Sexton remembers the '20th Century Boy' in a programme that looks at Bolan's life, music and legacy with the help of an extensive cast list of friends, family and collaborators.

02Elvis Presley20080405

Kate Thornton revisits the 1968 American television special that re-launched the career of The King.

03* Joni Mitchell20080412

Singer-songwriter Amanda Ghost visits the Los Angeles home of Canadian born musician Roberta Joan Anderson.

Born in 1943, Roberta became better known as Joni Mitchell - one of the most influential musicians of her generation.

03A Girl Called Dusty20080513

Johnnie tells the story of one of the finest singers to come out of Britain.

Never confined to a genre, her voice was as suited to jazz as it was to Pet Shop Boys' electronica, but it was as the queen of white soul that she was acclaimed.

Featuring many of Dusty's biggest hits, the programme includes contributions from Neil Tennant, Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach.

04* Bruce Springsteen20080419

Featuring contributions from Billy Bragg, Badly Drawn Boy, Thea Gilmore and Steven Van Zandt, this is a portrayal of the man behind hits such as Born to Run, Born in the USA and Streets of Philadelphia.

04Captain Fantastic, - Elton John20080520

Paul Sexton remembers the 1970s, the decade in which Elton John became an international superstar. The programme features contributions from Bernie Taupin, Kiki Dee and biographer Philip Norman, and such hits as Daniel, Rocket Man and Crocodile Rock.

05 LAST* Prince20080426

Mica Paris assesses the impact of Prince and examines some of his best releases - from the controversial funk rock of Dirty Mind to the breakthrough success of 1999 and Sign O' The Times.

The programme also considers the souring of his relationship with Warner Brothers in the 1990s, when he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol and went on the road with 'slave' scrawled on his face.

05 LASTInspirational David Bowie *20080527

Bowie remains one of music's most influential, photographed, adored, imitated, admired and talked about artists of the post Beatles period. Mark Radcliffe hears from performers who have been inspired by him and his music. 'Inspirational Bowie' features many of the artist's biggest hits and includes contributions from Boy George, Annie Lennox and Ricky Gervais