I Before Bee



by Chris Wilson

A comic and heartwarming play about teenager Michael Croxley whose stammer has contributed to his fear of public speaking.

To his horror, Michael finds that he's competing in the national school spelling bee's; when the girl he adores, Lynne Hargreaves, reads a composition of his in double English and discovers he's a whizz with words and his spelling is stupendous she asks him to be part of the school spelling-bee team.

How can he refuse? He accepts gallantly.

Secretly he sobs to his nana terrified at the prospect.

His Scottish Nana comes to the rescue with the help of Robert The Bruce.

Michael - Mykola Allen

Lynne - Sophie McShera

Nana....Maureen Beattie

Michael Senior....Paul Copley

Serena - Poppy Rush

Andre - Jack Ryan

Moderator....Seamus O'Neill

Speech Consultant....Sue Addlestone

Producer/Director - Pauline Harris

The Writer - Chris Wilson is a sports journalist from Hull, who recently won a BBC Northern Radio writer for new writers -Alfred Bradley Bursary Award.

His first play, Lump Boy Logan, starring Annette Badland and William Rush was broadcast in September on BBC Radio 3 in The Wire strand.